What makes it special?

MIRAI is an AI-based, sensor-driven, real-time robot control system. It’s revolutionary in its approach and based on three paradigms:


Sensor information, including camera data, is monitored in realtime and part of the control loop that generates the robot's motion. This allows the robot to react quickly to anything happening in its environment and solve tasks that require quick feedback - because they're „fiddly“ or inherently dynamic, like handling cables or inserting soft materials.


Training is better than programming - it can be performed by anybody and generates robust, adaptive skills particular to the setting that the robot will be operating in. (Not everything the robot does has to be trained: The system can take over from classic programming and return control when it's done.)


Deep neural networks extract motion-relevant information from the available sensor and state data. No traditional motion planning is performed, no pre-computed or recorded paths are executed when the robot is under AI control.