MIRAI is an AI vision system that makes it possible to automate factory tasks otherwise considered too complex to solve.

Forget conventional vision systems

why mirai
why mirai
Reliable automation

MIRAI offers higher robustness, precision, and flexibility than standard computer-vision systems.

Handle reflective objects

MIRAI can deal with reflections, specular highlights, and transparency.

No measurements needed

Thanks to MIRAI’s real-time control, robots can track constantly moving objects. CAD files and simulations are not required.

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MIRAI consists of both software and hardware. You attach the MIRAI system to your robot. The MIRAI kit can be tailored to your automation needs.
how mirai works

How MIRAI works

You familiarize the MIRAI system with the action you want it to perform and the variance it may come across. MIRAI then learns how to behave when it encounters variance while executing your desired action.
Use cases
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End-of-line testing

The European manufacturing leader Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH) uses a MIRAI-guided robot to test different models of refrigerators for leaks.

Automated screwdriving

Micropsi Industries and DEPRAG offer an automated screwdriving solution that can  handle variance in manufacturing workstations.
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