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Micropsi Industries develops software for robots. Our product, MIRAI, enables industrial robots to handle variance in production. MIRAI-powered robots use cameras and sensors to react in real time to dynamic conditions in a workspace.

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Unimagined Flexibility

MIRAI-powered robots can handle variance in position, shape, or movement in the workspace. MIRAI can be quickly trained for new tasks on site and is therefore a universal tool. One can even mount a robot with MIRAI on wheels and have it take over individual work steps.

Fast Amortization

Robots with MIRAI often achieve a return-on-investment in under 12 months. They are equipped for new tasks so quickly that even the automation of three-month production runs is worthwhile. With MIRAI, you build up internal AI expertise, freeing yourself from external automation providers. MIRAI training is easily done by non-engineers.

Collaborative-robot setups with MIRAI reduce complexity by avoiding the need for special technology to produce accuracy. Instead of workpiece fixtures that must be manufactured specifically, instead of mechanical alignments and special solutions for positioning, MIRAI cameras attached to the robot are sufficient to take over the positioning for several subtasks.

Ready for the Future

With MIRAI, you can tackle not only classic tasks, like picking, but also work steps that are economically difficult to automate — placing workpieces, tracing cables or contours, joining with gripping variance, handling objects that move or deform. MIRAI also treats stray light and wear-and-tear as just another form of variance. Training efforts increase somewhat, but a robust implementation is possible.

With MIRAI, you benefit from short software innovation cycles. MIRAI learns faster and can do more with each update (if that is what you want).

MIRAI enables you to retrofit real AI — trained on site by your own people — into existing production setups. This is AI not in colorful management presentations, not in a laboratory, not in a tradeshow demo, but where you make your money.

Slash Costs

MIRAI is an inexpensive solution for complex tasks — much cheaper and more flexible than most specialized single-purpose devices.

We are building cognitive machines.

With more than 40 people, most of them at our headquarters in Berlin, we are making task-specific, on-site machine learning for industrial robotics a reality.

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