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fanuc robot performing automated tasks

AI-powered computer
vision for robots

Enable your robot to handle variance in production


We have released a new version of our AI-vision software

Micropsi is expanding our team in the US and Berlin

Common MIRAI applications


end of line testing

End-of-line testing

leak detection

Rack hanging

Demo film 
See MIRAI in action

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Guaranteed success

Our expert engineers work with you to deploy a robust, scalable, MIRAI-powered automation solution in your factory.

No CAD data required

Also no camera calibration, controlled light, or visual-feature predefinition. MIRAI reliably handles variance in real time.

Application flexibility

Industrial robots powered with the MIRAI system can be easily trained and retrained for various production tasks.

a robot arm equipped with mirai ai vision system picking up a small object

Forget conventional
vision systems

The MIRAI system has been engineered to excel in changing factory conditions, making it more robust and precise than standard computer visions systems.

MIRAI handles reflective and transparent objects
MIRAI adapts a robot’s path in changing conditions
MIRAI deals with dust, dirt, and grime
MIRAI does not require CAD data
MIRAI tracks moving objects in real time


Using MIRAI, we have solved a challenge we could not solve with standard automation technologies. All cycle time, accuracy, and performance KPIs have been reached, improving productivity and quality.

Javier Chasco Echeverria
Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH)

Help and documentation

Get answers to your questions about the MIRAI system, watch video tutorials, access documentation, or talk with a customer support representative.

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