Micropsi Industries is a robotics software company.
Our AIs allow robots to learn from humans and act in dynamic environments.


Off-The-Shelf AI:
A Trainable Robot Control System

Micropsi Industries' MIRAI is a robot control system designed for complex assembly tasks. MIRAI-controlled robots perform movements that react to minute changes in the environment, as perceived by the robot with cameras or force sensors.

The MIRAI Controller

The controller integrates position data from a robotic arm, force/torque sensor readings, and images from multiple cameras to generate movements in realtime.

Learning from Humans

Generating new skills with MIRAI is very different from traditional robot programming or teaching: It's about showing the robot how it's done, and then help it along as it rehearses and gets better. It really is like training a human worker.

Human demonstration allows the controller to pick up intuitions about how a successful completion of a task looks and feels.
Humans learn through observation, imitation, and repetition. So do robots controlled by MIRAI: They follow the guidance provided by human trainers, observe the patterns, and generalize to what makes a good movement.


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