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Micropsi Industries is a software company that brings artificial intelligence to robots. We make a product called MIRAI, a first-of-its-kind robot control system that, using machine learning, supplies industrial robots with the capacity to perceive their work environment and adapt to changing conditions. MIRAI can be used in manufacturing, lab automation, logistics, and other fields.

We enable automation where automation was previously not viable, making factories more productive, workspaces more ergonomic, and businesses more resilient.

Ours is a curious, friendly, no-nonsense team that relishes in finding elegant solutions to tough problems, be they technical, mathematical, strategic, or design-related. We like to learn for the sake of learning, and we put a premium on personal development.

Key Values


We make decisions based on reason and clear thinking. We strive for intellectual honesty. Everyone, no matter their role or position, no matter their station, brings facts, data, or a well-reasoned hypothesis.


We learn and improve by making, admitting, and being accountable for our mistakes. We never play the blame game. We will be wrong, but it is important to honestly try not to be.


We treat each other with respect, and we talk with each other at eye level. We strive for empathy and benevolent interpretations of each other’s actions and communication.

Five Reasons to Join Us

  • Opportunity to work with and advance groundbreaking technology

  • A curious, friendly, diverse, problem-solving team

  • Ample space for personal development, no matter the position

  • Perks that one can enjoy both at work and in their free time

  • Our beautiful Berlin office — combined with a generous remote-work policy

Application Process

Micropsi Industries values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.

After you have submitted your application as specified in the open position description, we will contact you for a phone interview if we think that you and we could make a good fit. Successful phone interviews are followed by two structured interviews, each about one hour in length, with selected members of our team. Depending on the position, some candidates may be asked to take a work test. Through our application process, we aim to assess above all whether you can be successful in the role. We also want to see whether our values accord with yours.

Get in Touch

Questions about the company, the application process, or other aspects related to joining the Micropsi Industries team? Do feel free to reach out.

Open Positions