A Partnership to
Automate the Impossible.

micropsi industries and FANUC take a leap into the future

Enabling FANUC robots to react dynamically to their own working environment via camera input and AI.

Micropsi Industries’ MIRAI is a cutting edge, AI-based robot control system that allows every robot to learn and adapt in real time to changing conditions. Thanks to MIRAI, robots can handle variance in shape, lighting, position, and color. No more automation blockers for your robots.

With MIRAI’s AI capabilities, all FANUC industrial robots and cobots can realize amazingly intelligent and flexible automation solutions with unprecedented ease."
Jörg Winter
Head of Sales Robotics & Robomachine
FANUC Germany

AI-Based Robot Control Meets the Largest Industrial Robotics Portfolio

Micropsi Industries’ MIRAI is the most advanced AI-based robot control system on the market. It enhances the capabilities of industrial robots to make possible applications that conventional industrial robotics have struggled with for decades.

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Automate Manual Workstations.
In Days Instead of Months.

Unleashing the unlimited power of flexible, task-specific, on-site machine learning for robotics.

MIRAI enabled FANUC robots can be trained or retrained for numerous complex applications that have been inaccessible to robotic automation until now.

Cable Plugging

Leakage Testing


Pick & Place

Case in Point.
Cable Plugging.

For conventional robots, gripping, guiding, plugging, and unplugging cables is nearly unsolvable. With MIRAI, it turns into a very simple task.

Step 01: the robot follows a cable and identifies the cable head (plug).

Step 02: the robot precisely grips a free-hanging connector in 3D space.

Step 03: the robot reliably inserts a plug/connector into a varying target.

Official technology partner of FANUC for cutting-edge AI solutions

The MIRAI system is compatible with most FANUC industrial robots and cobots.
It supports the world’s largest selection of industrial robots and numerous cobots in the CRX Collaborative Robot Series with seamless integration.

Let's Push the Limits of Robotics!

Micropsi Industries provides ready-to-use AI systems for controlling industrial robots. We enable automation where previously not viable, making factories more productive, workspaces more ergonomic, and businesses more resilient.

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The Future of Automation.
Ready in Days Instead of Months.

Setup Requirements

  • FANUC robot
  • Force-torque sensor
  • End effector (e.g., gripper)

Components for a MIRAI-Powered Robot Setup

  • Camera
  • Camera holder
  • Ring light
  • MIRAI controller
  • MIRAI training app

Slash Costs

MIRAI is an inexpensive solution for complex tasks — much cheaper and more flexible than most specialized single-purpose devices.

Flexible Automation for Resilient Business.

Variance Handling

Application Flexibility

Cost Effectiveness

Easy Deployment